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SACRS 2016 - 2019 Conference Schedule

SACRS Spring Conference 2016
May 10 – 13, 2016
Westin South Coast Plaza
Costa Mesa, CA

Conference Attendee List
Conference Presentations

SACRS Fall Conference 2015
November 17 – 20, 2015
Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina
San Diego, CA

Attendee List

Conference Agenda


The Federal Reserve and Financial Markets - John Bellow, Western Asset Mgmt.
Asset Bubbles and Investment Strategy - Greg LaBlanc, UC Berkeley
Credit Overload - Jeffrey Gundlach, DoubleLine Capital
Keeping Your Real Assets Allocation "Afloat" with Maritime Investing - Richard d'Abo, Yucaipa Companies; Justin Yagerman, JPMorgan
Disability Breakout - Annette Paladino, Disability Consultant; James Wilbanks, Orange CERS
Attorney Breakout - Yuliya Oryol, Nossaman LLP; Susan Weiss, Alameda CERA
Trustee Breakout - Garrett Harbron, Vanguard
Investment Breakout - Shane Schurter & Jas Thandi, Aon Hewitt
Annual System Comparison - Jim Voytko, RVK
Credit and the Fed: Navigating Corporate/Private Credit Markets in Period of Rising Rates - Jeffrey Springer, Symphony Asset Mgmt.; Allan Martin, NEPC; Rob Harkins, Morgan Stanley
SACRS Legislative Update - Richard Stensrud, Sacramento CERS, Jim Lites, SACRS Consultant; Trent Smith & Mike Robson, SACRS Lobbyist
Retirement Readiness: Are Our Participants Getting the Complete Picture? - Cathie Eitelberg, Segal Consulting

SACRS Public Pension Investment Management Program 2015


July 26 – 29, 2015
UC Berkeley Hass School of Business
Berkeley, CA


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for SACRS UC Berkeley Public Pension Investment Mgmt. Program 2

SACRS Spring Conference 2015

May 12 – 15, 2015
Anaheim Marriott
Anaheim, CA

Attendee List

New Trustee Breakout - Graham Schmidt, Cheiron
Cyber Security - Kevin Bock, BrockCRS
Saving Public Defined Benefits Plans - Ron Peyton Callan Associates
Administrators Breakout - Greg Levin, Santa Barbara CERS
To Hedge or Not to Hedge - Andrew Brett, NEPC; Shane Schurter, AonHewitt Investment
Trustee Breakout: GIPS - John Meier, SIS
The Magic-Magnitude-and Memories of the Olympic Games - Al Baeta, US Olympic Track & Field Coach
Asset Allocation in a Geopolitically Uncertain World - Brian Singer, William Blair
ESG Responsible Investment - Adam Frost, Partners Group; Sonal Mahida, PRI; Don Pierce, San Bernardino CERA
Modern Brokerage Landscape & the Effects of High Frequency Trading - David Bergman, Vertas Brokerage Consulting; Steven Glass, Zeno Consulting
Obesity: A Growing Challenge for Retiree Wellness - Robin Rager, Keenan & Associates
Emerging Managers: A Unique Source of Alpha - Paul Harte, Mount Lucas Mgmt.
SACRS Legislative Update - Richard Stensrud, Sacramento CERS; Jim Lites, SACRS Consultant; Trent Smith & Mike Robson, SACRS Lobbyist
Will your Retirement Money be Spent on Medications or Vacations? - Peggy Wedgworth, Milberg, LLP

SACRS Fall Conference 2014
November 11 – 14, 2014
Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel & Spa
Monterey, CA

Attendee List


New Trustee Training - Ashley Dunning & Michael Toumanoff, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips
What do you REALLY do? Documenting actual Job Duties & Job Analysis - Eugenia Der, LACERA; Annette Paladino, Retiree, SBCERS
National Institute on Retirement Security Update - Diane Oakley, NIRS
Shifting Sand of Health Benefits and CA's rapidly evolving Health Care System - Bill Caswell, KaiserJonah Frohlich, Mannat Health
Annual System Comparison - Becky Gratsinger, RVK, Inc.
Administrators Breakout - Harvey Leiderman, Reed Smith
Accounting/Internal Audit Breakout - Robert G
riffin, Williams, Adley & Co.
Investment Breakout - Jay Strohmaier, Parametric Clifton; Mike Claridge, GMO
Appreciating the Big Picture: Investing Pension Assets in the 21st Century - Steve McCourt, Meketa Investment Group
Investing in a Low Interest Rate, Low Return Environment - James Haskel, Bridgwater Associates
I got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from....True or False? - Dr. Charles Fracchia; Dr. Lance Mohr
Investment Fees: The Good, Bad and the Ugly - David Kushner, LACERA; Girard Miller, OCERS; Wayne Moore, LA Trustee Network
So you think your doing it right?  Best Practices & Trends in Pension Administration - Meir Schecter, LRWL
International Small Cap - Andy Iseri, Callan Associates; Jasmine Richards, FIS Group
Trying to close a 1937 CERL System: A Postmortem on the Ventura Initiative - Deborah Caplan, Olson Hagel & Fishburn


SACRS Public Pension Investment Management Program 2014

July 20 – 23, 2014
UC Berkeley Hass School of Business
Berkeley, CA

Thank you to our generous sponsors for pledging their support
for SACRS UC Berkeley Public Pension Investment Mgmt. Program 2

SACRS Spring Conference 2014
May 13 – 16, 2014
Sheraton Grand Sacramento
Sacramento, CA

Attendee List


New Trustee Breakout - Paul Angelo, Segal Consulting
Ethics Training - Ashley Dunning & Michael Toumanoff, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips
Forthcoming Comsumption Boom - The Future 15 - Vikram Mansharamani, PhD
PBGC Update - Josh Gotbaum, PBGC
Political Initiatives, Pollsters, and Future of DB Plans - Alex Brown, NASRA; Amy Brown, Public Retirement Journal
Disability Breakout - Barbara Hannah, San Bernardino CERA; Presentation 2, Presentation 3
Internal Auditors Breakout - Robert Griffin, Williams, Adley & Co.; Richard Bendall, LACERA
Investment Breakout - Don Pierce, San Bernardino CERA
The Game of Thrones & The Game of Markets - Ben Hunt, Salient Partners
Real Returns - Considering the Asset Class - David Sancewich, Pension Consulting Alliance, Inc.
Technology Disrupters & What It Means For Us - Kate Mitchell, Scale Venture Partners
Emerging Markets Strategy: Navigating the Headwinds & Embracing Growth - George Iwanicki, JPMorgan Asset Mgmt.
Operations/Disability - Rogier Slingerland, CEM Benchmarking; Christie Porter, San Bernardino CERA
2014 Legislature Update - Richard Stensrud, Sacramento CERS; Jim Lites, SACRS Consultant; Mike Robson & Trent Smith, SACRS Lobbyist
The Regional Power Works - Its Near-Abroad - Thomas McCray, University of Missouri & William Woods University

SACRS Fall Conference 2013
November 12 – 15, 2013
Renaissance Esmeralda Resort & Spa
Indian Wells, CA


New Trustee Breakout - Bob McCrory, Cheiron
Advance Trustee Breakout - Damien Hooper-Campbell, Goldman Sachs
Disability/Ops Breakout - Tamara Caldwell, Barry Lew, Danny Hang, David Lantzer, Los Angeles CERA
Why Politics Matter: Their Impact on Markets has Never Been Greater - Anthony Scaramucci, SkyBridge Capital
Politics and the Role of the Fiduciary; The Push & Pull on Pension Fiduciaries - Steve Yoakum, PSRS/PEERS; Anne Sheehan, CalSTRS
Taking Advantage of Liquidity & Easy Money at Light Speed - Jon Najarian, CNBC
RV Kuhns Annual Systems Report - Becky Gratsinger, RV Kuhns
Internal Auditors Breakout - Harsh Jadhav, Alameda CERA, Richard Bendall, Los Angeles CERA, Robert Griffin, Williams-Adley & Co.
Investment Breakout - Bob Collie, Russell Investments
US Equities: Boom or Bust? - Bob Doll, Nuveen Asset Mgmt.
Fixed Income: More Risk - Less Return? - Chris Pariseault, Pyramis Global Advisors
Today's Invst. Thesis for Floating-Rate Loans - Dan Norman, ING; Landy Pheloung, White Oak; Drew Sweeney, Bradford & Marzec, Allan Martin, NEPC
The Benefits of Retiree Wellness - Robin Rager, Keenan & Associates
Are Public Pensions the BOA Constrictor on Debt Financing for your Plan Sponsors? - Shannon Groff, Fitch Ratings; Don Steuer, San Diego County
Increasing Returns via Reducing Cost Structure - David Bergman, GTS Advisors; Ed Hoffman, Wurts & Associates
At Your Service - JJ Popowich, Los Angeles CERA
SACRS Legislative Update - Richard Stensrud, Sacramento CERS; Mike Robson & Trent Smith, Edelstein Gilbert Robson & Smith

SACRS GASB 68 Symposium
October 11, 2013
The Westin South Coast Plaza Hotel
Costa Mesa, CA


Pensions and Pension Plans - David Sundstrom, Sonoma County
What is Changing under GASB 67 & 68? - Paul Angelo, The Segal Company
Implementation Strategies for GASB 67 & 68 - Eric Berman, Brown Armstrong
GASB 67 Financial Statement Review - Harsh Jadhav, Alameda County

SACRS Public Pension Investment Management Program 2013 (Phase 2)

July 28 – 31, 2013
UC Berkeley Hass School of Business
Berkeley, CA

Thank you to our generous sponsors for pledging their support
for SACRS UC Berkeley Public Pension Investment Mgmt. Program 2



SACRS Spring Conference 2013
May 14 – 17, 2013
Marriott Napa Valley Hotel & Spa
Napa, CA

Conference Attendee List

SACRS Presentations

New Trustee Training - The Past, Present & Future - Paul Angelo, Segal Co.
Advance Trustee Training
- Social Security: Honey I Shrunk the Kids' Wealth - Arun Muralidhar, AlphaEngine Global Investment Solutions
Ethics Training - Ashley Dunning & Michael Toumanoff, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips
Disability Workshop - Robb van der Volgen & Jorja Frank, LACERA
Investment - From the Fiscal Cliffs to the Mountains of Debt - Robert Heller, Former Governor of the Federal Reserve
Administrator Roundtable - Mary Beth Braitman, Ice Miller LLP
Affiliate Roundtable - Do I have to Register? - Elli Abdoli, Nielsen Merksamer Parrinello Gross & Leoni LLP
Internal Auditors Roundtable - Richard Bendall, LACERA; Robert Griffin, Williams Adley & Co.; Russell Walsh, Seagate Technologies
Trustee Roundtable - Tyler Kim, MaplesFS; Tom Peters, Kreischer Miller; Arun Muralidhar, AlphaEngine Global Investment Solutions
Investment Portfolio Construction & Macro Economics - Steve Drobny, Drobny Global Asset Mgmt.
Investment Consequences of the Global Battle between Government Austerity and Monetary Profligacy - Zane Brown Lord Abbett
Digital Assassination: Protecting your Reputation, Brand or Business against Online Attacks - Richard Torrenzano, The Torrenzano Group
Impact Investing: What's the Fiduciary to do? - Ben Thornley, Insight at Pacific Community Ventures; Chad Spitler, BlackRock
Pension Reform Hits and Misses: "No, No, You Can't Take That Away from Me!" - Paul Angelo, Segal Co.; Harvey Leiderman, Reed Smith LLP
Operations/Disability; Is "Covered CA" Ready for Retirees? - John Barkett, Extend Health, Inc.; Jerry Healy, Keenan & Associates
SACRS Legislative Update 2013 - Richard Stensrud, Sacramento CERS; Trent Smith & Mike Robson, Edelstein, Gilbert, Robson & Smith LLC

SACRS Fall Conference 2012
November 13 – 16, 2012
Loews Hollywood Hotel
Hollywood, CA

SACRS Presentations

New Trustee Breakout - Ira Summer, Public Pension Professionals; Ashley Dunning, Manatt, Pheps & Phillips

Advance Trustee Breakout- Scott Miller, Hewitt EnnisKnupp; Gary Bei, Sonoma CERA
The Next Great Bust - Vikram Mansharamani, PhD, Yale University
Systems Annual Comparison - Becky Gratsinger, RV Kuhns
Administrators Breakout - Jeff Wickman, Marin CERA
Affiliate Breakout - Susan Marshall, Baring Asset Mgmt.
Attorney Breakout - Michael Herrera, Los Angeles CERA - Handout 1, Handout 2, Handout 3, Handout 4
Internal Auditors Breakout - Eric Berman, Brown Armstrong; Richard Bendall, Los Angeles CERA
Murder on the Orient Express - Jeff MacLean, Wurst & Associates
Lessons Learned from the Pension Crises - Gene Kalwarski, Cherion
Investment - Revisiting Risk - New Perspectives on an Age Old Challege - Tim McCusker, NEPC; Gregory Allen, Callan Associates
Have Pension - Will Modify - Jeff Wickman, Marin CERA; Ashley Dunning, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips - Handout 1, Handout 2
Investment - Real Asset - Todd Lapenna, CalPERS
Operations/Disability - Pursing your Subrogation Rights: Are you Leaving Money on the Table? - Michael Herrera, Los Angeles CERA
OCIO:Governanace in Practice - Revisiting the Conventional Wisdom - Jeff Scott, Wurts & Associates
SACRS Legislative Update - Mike Robson & Trent Smith, Edelstein Gilbert Robson & Smith; Richard Stensrud, Sacramento CERS
SB 1234 - Secure Choice Pension (SCP) - Hank Kim, NCPERS

SACRS Public Pension Investment - Management Program 2012

July 16 – 18, 2012
UC Berkeley Hass School of Business
Berkeley, CA

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SACRS Spring Conference 2012
May 8 – 11, 2012
The Resort at Squaw Creek
Lake Tahoe, CA


SACRS Presentations

New Trustee Training Workshop - Ira Summer, Public Pension Professionals
Ethics Training - Ashley Dunning & Michael Toumanoff, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips
Advance Trustee Training - Ian Lanoff, Groom Law Group
Disability Workshop: Role of the Medical Advisor - Ricki Contreras, LACERA; Dr. Charles Fracchia, Medical Advisor; Diana Ruiz, Sacramento CERS; Barbara Hannah, SBCERA
Update and Opportunities in Credit Markets - Stephen Siderow, BlueMountain Capital
European Market: The Euro's Rocky Road - Mike Rosborough, CalPERS
Attorney's Breakout - Harvey Leiderman, Reed Smith LLP
Internal Auditors - Eric Berman, Brown Armstrong; Robert Griffin, Williams Adley & Co.
Investment Roundtable - Scott Sommerville, MaplesFS
Alternative Thinking about Investments for Public Fund Investors - Mark Yusko, Morgan Creek Capital Mgmt.
Solving the Retention/Hiring Issuses facing SACRS Systems - Steve Rice, Crowell Moring; Richard Averett, Regional Govt. Services Authority
Investment-Real Assets: Have a Real Place in your Portfolio - Doug Anderson, Gregory W. Group; Jens Peers, Klienwort Benson Investors
Health Care Reform & Retirees - Jerry Healy & Ju Anderson, Kennan & Associates
Navigating the Complexities of Alternatives: An Operational Perspective - David Sancewich, Pension Consulting Alliance; James Perry, SBCERA; Rajiv Mathur, State Street Alternatives Investment Analytics; Hildebrando Izquierdo, State Street Alternatives Investments Group
Goodbye ARC - Funding Policy in a Post-GASB World - Paul Angelo, Segal Co.; Graham Schmidt, EFI Actuaries
SACRS Legislative Update - Richard Stensrud, Committee Chair; Trent Smith, Edelstein Gilbert Robson & Smith
Financial-Endowments-Risk - Mike Rosen, Angeles Advisors 

SACRS Fall Conference 2011
November 15 – 18, 2011
The Westin South Coast Plaza
Costa Mesa, CA

 SACRS Presentations

New Trustee Training Workshop - Ira Summer, Public Pension Professionals
America at the Crossroads - Anthony Scaramucci, SkyBridge Capital
What is Risk in 2012 - Allan Emkin, Pension Consulting Alliance, Inc.
DB Strategies - Hank Kim, NCPERS
What the Proposed GASB Pension Standards Mean to 37 Act Systems  - Eric Berman, Brown Armstrong
Risk Assessment and Fraud - Robert Griffin, Williams Adley & Co.
AICPA Audit Committee Tool Kit - Eric Berman, Brown Armstrong
Public Pension Investment Mgmt. Program - John O'Brien, UC Berkeley Hass School
Annual Review of SACRS System Investment Performance - RV Kuhns
Risk Allocations - Max Giolitti, Wurts & Associates
Slight Depressison - Van Hoisington, Hoisington Investment Mgmt. Co.
Vested Rights - Harvey Leiderman, Reed Smith
Currency: The Tail that Wags the Dog - Jeppe Ladekarl, First Quadrant, L.P.
Building a Virtual Relationship with Your Members - Mike Heale, CEM Benchmarking Inc.
2011 CA Pension Legislation - Jim Lites, Schott & Lites

SACRS Public Pension Investment 
Management Program 2011
July 11 – 13, 2011
UC Berkeley Hass School of Business
Berkeley, CA

Thank you to our generous sponsors for pledging their support for

SACRS UC Berkeley Public Pension Investment Mgmt. Program 2011!

  Program Sponsors

SACRS Spring Conference 2011

May 10 – 13, 2011
Fess Parker's Doubletree Resort
Santa Barbara, CA

SACRS Presentations

Disability Workshop - Diana Ruiz, Sacramento CERS; Alan Blakeboro, Santa Barbara CERA; Jim Castranova, Los Angeles CERA

A Tale of Two Styles - Bob Maynard, IPERS & Lee Partridge, San Diego CERA

Real Estate Investment Trends - Geoffrey Dorhmann, Institutional Real Estate

Keynesian Economist - Paul Kasriel, Northern Trust

The Landscape of Debt Opportunities - George Siguler, Siguler Guff & Company

Private Equity Outlook - Eric Petroff, Wurts & Associates; Tom Keck, StepStone Group

Pension Valuation Actuaries vs. Academics - Graham Schmidt, EFI Actuaries; Thomas Gilbert, UC Berkeley

Clean Teach - Ian Simm, Impax Asset Mgmt.; Rhea Hamilton, SAM Private Equity; Mark Sampson, Energy Finance Company

Handouts for Wednesday General Session - Regulations

Panel: Tom Hickey, Hank Kim, Ashley Dunning

NCPERS SEC Release No. 34-63576

President's FY 2012 Budget

The Washington Post

Path to Prosperity FY 2012

Normal Retirement Age

SACRS Symposium 2011

March 16, 2011
Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach
Resort & Spa
Huntington Beach, CA

SACRS Handouts

AB 1584

AB 1743

California FPPC Advice Letters

Request for Advice - Placement Agents

Sample CalPERS Placement Agent Disclosure Form

Sample Placement Agent Policy Disclosure

Summary of CA Placement Agent Laws

SACRS Fall Conference 2010
November 9 – 12, 2010
Sheraton Universal Hotel
Universal City, CA

SACRS Presentations 

New Trustee Training - Lance Kjeldgaard, Law Office of Kjeldgaard; Christie Porter, San Bernardino CERA; Bob Palmer, SACRS

US in the Geopolitics of the Second Decade - Harm De Blij, Michigan State

Analysis of 09/10 CA Placement Agents Laws, Placement Agents Disclosure Laws, New SEC Rule 206 - Harvey Leiderman, Reed Smith

Recent Developments in Securities Litigation - Nicholas Blair, BLB&G

Spotting Malingering - Dr. Perry Maloff

Finance, Accountants & Internal Auditors - Richard Green, Macias Gini & O'Connell

Annual System Comparison - Tom Lightvoet, Mercer

CIO Panel: Behind the Numbers - Lisa Mazzocco, LACERA; Don Pierce, San Bernardino CERA; Lee Partridge, San Diego CERA

Municipal Bankruptcy - Harvey Leiderman, Reed Smith

What the GASB changes will mean to the public sector - Paul Angelo, Segal Co.

SACRS Legislative Update - Mike Robson & Trent Smith, Eldenstein, Gilbert, Robson & Smith; Jim Lites, Schott & Lites

Hedge Fund Discussion - Laura Mariano, Aksia

Distressed Commercial Real Estate - Jim Corl, Siguler Guff

Risk Management - Karyn Williams, Wilshire & Associates 

SACRS Public Pension Investment
Management Program 2010
August 9-11, 2010
UC Berkeley Haas School of Business
Berkeley, CA

Thank you to our generous sponsors for pledging their support for

SACRS UC Berkeley Public Pension Investment Mgmt. Program 2010!

Program Sponsors 

SACRS Spring Conference 2010

May 11 - 14, 2010
Marriott Newport Beach Hotel & Spa
Newport Beach, CA
SACRS Presentations

Disability 101: Getting Back to Basics - Shari Altmark & Richard Schlosser, LACERA; Leanne Malison, TCERA

Retirement at the Tipping Point: New Funding, New Timing, New Purpose - David Baxter, Age Wave

Affiliate: Pay to Play - John Libby, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips

Counsel - Harvey Leiderman, Reed Smith

Future of Retirement Plan Design for Public Employees - Kim Nicholl, Price Waterhouse Coopers

Federal Legislative Update - William Ackerman, Klausner & Kaufman; Tom Hickey, Foley & Lardner

Actuary 202 - Karen Steffen, Milliman; Rick Roeder, Roeder Financial

Real Estate - Drew Fung, RREEF

ACERA Benchmarking Survey - Kathy Foster, ACERA

SACRS Fall Conference 2009

November 10 - 13, 2009
Westin South Coast Plaza
Costa Mesa, CA
SACRS Presentations

New Trustee Training 101 - Bob Palmer, SACRS Interim Executive Director

Public Pensions Actuarial 101 - Paul Angelo, The Segal Co.

Disability Workshop:Rebutting the Presumptions - Marvin Pietruska, M.D.; Diana Ruiz, Sacramento County; Annette Paladino, Santa Barbara County

Where is the Economy Headed? - Robert Heller, Former Governor, Federal Reserve Board

Administrator Breakout: Lucinda Ward, VSP; Mike Heale, CEM Benchmarking

Counsel Breakout: Harvey Leiderman, Reed Smith; Joe Tabacco, Berman DeValerio

Trustee Breakout:Working with the Media - Gerri Madrid-Davis, National Public Pension Coalition 

System Comparison - Marcia Beard, RV Kuhns

Inflation -  Richard C. K. Burdekin & Marc D. Weidenmier, Claremont McKenna College

Tactical Asset Allocation vs. Strategic Investing - Scott Whalen, Wurts & Associates; Arun Muralidhar, Mcube Investment Technologies; Don Pierce, San Bernardino County

A Smart Approach to Portfolio Mgmt. - Arun Muralidhar

The Obama Health Plan Proposal - Rosanne Ott, Fred Alger Mgmt.

SACRS 2009 Legislative Update - Richard Stensrud, Sacramento County; Andrew Antwih, SLGS; Jim Lites, Schott & Lites 

Opportunities and Outlook for Real Estate - Michael Gately, Cornerstone

Corporate Governance - Anne Sheehan, CalSTRS; Anne Simpson, CalPERS

SACRS Public Pension Investment
Management Program 2009
June 22 - 24, 2009
UC Berkeley Haas School of Business
Berkeley, CA

SACRS Spring Conference 2009
May 12 – 15, 2009
Hyatt Regency San Francisco
San Francisco, CA

Conference Presentations

Board Chair & Vice Chair - Harvey Leiderman, Reed Smith

Disability Workshop - Preparing for Evidentiary Hearing - Jim Castranova, Suzanne DeKozan, Diana Ruiz, Annette Paladino

The Crisis of Globalization - Niall Ferguson, GLG Partners

Counsel - Due Diligence:Seven Pitfalls to Avoid - Joseph Tabacco, Berman DeValerio

Counsel - The OC Challenge to Law Enforcement Ret. Benefits - Jeffrey Rieger, Reed Smith

Internal Auditors & Finance Directors - Investing in Hedge Funds - Brian Chung, SSARIS

Real Asset Investing - Jim McBride, RMK Timberland 

Natural Resources - Joshua Levine, Permal Group

Healthcare Reform:Challenges & Opportunities - Marian Mulkey, CA Healthcare Foundation

The Impact of Reform on the Healthcare Industry - Roseanne Ott, Fred Alger Mgmt.

Disability Workshop - Working with the Plan Sponsor - Shari Altmark, Richard Schlosser, Kathy Foster, Annette Paladino

Information Technology Planning - Diann Taft, L.R. Wechsler, Ltd.

Volatility Strategies - John Meier, Strategic Investment Solutions, Inc.

SACRS Legislative Update 2009 - Richard Stensrud, Leg Comt. Chair & Andrew Antwih, SLGS

National Perspective of Public Pension Issues - Keith Brainard, NASRA 

SACRS Educational Symposium 2009

March 20, 2009
Sacramento Convention Center
Sacramento, CA

Conference Presentations

Macroeconomic Analysis - Lacy H. Hunt, Ph.D., Hoisington Investment Mgmt. Co.

Why Traditional Asset Allocation Has Not Worked - Patrick Dimick, Bridgewater Associates

Portfolio of Risk Premia: A New Approach to Diversification, Part 1; Part 2 -  Dan Stefek, Ph.D., MSCI Barra

Communications - Skip Murphy, CRCEA; Jeannine Smart, LACERA; Jerry Allen, Sonoma CERA

What Do We Do Now? - Robert McCrory, EFI Actuaries

US Dept of Labor, Statement of Employee Benefits; Fiduciary Fundamentals for Public Retirement System Trustees - Ashley Dunning, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips

NCPERS Response to Bloomberg Article; Prohibited Political Activities of Govt. Agencies - David Muir, LACERA 

SACRS Fall Conference 2008

November 11 - 14, 2008
The Westin South Coast Plaza
Costa Mesa, CA

Conference Presentations

New Trustee Training- Robert Palmer, Paul Angelo, Segal

Board Chair Mtg- Andy Zuckerman

Disability Workshop-Effective Date

Performance Insights & Best Practice Ideas- Mike Heale, CEM Benchmarking

World Investment Outlook for 2009 & Beyond- Jim Paulsen, Wells Capital Mgt.

The Global Investor Challenge- Peter Chiappinelli, Pyramis Global Advisors

SACRS Ad-Hoc Committee -Review & Evaluation

Counsel - Harvey Leiderman & Jeff Rieger, Reed Smith LLP

Disability - Dr. Jeffrey Hirsh

The Impact of Alternatives on Asset Allocation- Dick Charlton, NEPC

Online Website Security- Jack Vonder Heide, Technology Briefing Centers

Private Equity- Stepstone Group, Aldus Partner Equity & Centinela Capital Partners

Corporate Sustainability & Investing- Rogerscasey, Sustainability, Intel & Sustainable Asset Mgt.

Federal Legislation Update: Bailout Bill- Tom Hickey,K & L Gates

Commodities - Gresham Investment Mgt.. & Guidance Capital

Due Diligence- Victor Hymes, Legato Capital

SACRS 2009 Legislation- Jim Lites, Schott & Lites

Annual System Comparison Report- RV Kuhns

Performance Review- Tom Lightvoet, Mercer

SACRS Public Pension Investment
Management Program
June 16-18, 2008
UC Berkeley Haas School of Business
Berkeley, CA

SACRS Spring Conference 2008
May 13 – 16, 2008
Sheraton Grand Hotel
Sacramento, CA

SACRS Fall Conference 2007
November 13 -16, 2007
Renaissance Esmeralda
Indian Wells, CA

Conference Presentations:

Asset Allocation Case Study                   Asset Allocation Case Study Results

Counsel Breakout -Bob Blum                   Asset Management Class

Consumer Driven Health Plans                Disability & the Problem Employee

Permal                                                 Groundbreaking Lawsuits    

International Real Estate- Risk                Permanency  

SACRS Retiree Health Care Survey           Hedge Funds -Viginia Parker

Collateral Loan Obligations                     Cynthia Steers - RogerCasey

Divestment-Legal Guidelines                   Hank Kim, NCPERS -Federal Update 

Owen Thomas -Morgan Stanley               Matt Barger, PEPEB Commission

RV Kuhns Public Funds Report 2007          Best Practices

SACRS Spring 2007 Conference
May 8th - 11th, 2007
The Santa Clara Hyatt Regency
Santa Clara, CA

SACRS Educational Symposium 2007 Presentations

February 6, 2007
Sheraton Universal Hotel

Navigating Public Pensions & OPEB with Liability Driven Investments
Sean McShea, Chris Adair, Jason Johnson, Ryan Labs

Business Enterprises & Govt. Entities: Fundamental & Actuarial Differences
Graham Schmidt, EFI Actuaries
Case Study-Liability Driven Investing
Bill Irvine, Dan Strelow, Jeff Rawlins, Eaton Vance

Cash Balance Plans
Lee Gold, Mercer Human Resource Consulting
Fundamental Accounting Differences Between Private Sector & Govt. Entities
Andrew Paulden, Brown Armstrong
The Future of Public DB Plans
Reed Royalty, Reed Royalty Public Affairs

SACRS Fall 2006 Conference
November 14-17, 2006
Loews Coronado Bay Resort
San Diego, CA

SACRS Spring 2006 Conference
May 9-12, 2006
Sheraton Grand Hotel
Sacramento, CA

SACRS Fall 2005 Conference

November 8-11, 2005
The Westin South Coast Plaza
Costa Mesa, CA
Conference Gallery

Spring 2005 Conference

May 10-13
Marriott San Francisco Airport
Burlingame, CA
Conference Gallery
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